Albert Houllou

President & CEO

As President and Chief Executive Officer of iBuy, Albert Houllou is responsible for the extensive growth of the company since it was founded in 1999 in a small New York storefront. Albert’s strategic business acumen and dedicated focus has led iBuy into new areas of expansion, with a focus on the future.

Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, Albert has long shown an affinity for numbers and a drive for business that enabled iBuy to become a leading force in the consumer electronics industry. Albert has a proven track record and over 22 years of experience driving sales growth in the retail and wholesale consumer electronics markets. iBuy, under its parent company Valor Group LLC, has expanded from a basic mail order shop to a multi-million dollar distribution network with distribution capabilities throughout the globe.

Through his extensive travels and an expanding inventory that includes a range of products from manufacturers like Apple, Dell, LG, Microsoft, Panasonic, Sony, Beats and many more; Albert has led the company into relationships with emerging international markets. This global presence has enabled iBuy to become the official distributor for most major consumer electronics brands with multiple locations throughout the USA and connections in numerous countries including Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Dubai, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Panama, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Colombia, Mexico and Canada.

Albert’s belief that a solid foundation enables future success and his constant attention to the bigger picture has led to a dedicated and productive workforce ranging from experienced salespeople providing service in half a dozen languages to large-scale automated shipping facilities designed by in-house programmers.

Albert’s dedication also extends to his large family of twelve, spending enjoyable time with his wife and children. He is involved in many charitable organizations and community events, joining local sports leagues, sponsoring education centers and has established a foundation that benefits orphaned children. As iBuy goes global, so does Albert’s charitable efforts, such as recent donations in Israel and Ukraine.