HK Valor Group Limited

Cultivate and establish relationships with new brands, manufacturers and distributors, leading to new product lines and channels.
HK Valor Group Limited already has an established relationship with Apple International, an important source of consumer electronic products.

Develop relationships with B2B customers, and resellers, located in Hong Kong.
HK Valor Group Limited has many connections via our established and well-respected USA based parent company Valor Group LLC.

Apple International offers us deals on Apple consumer electronic products, or other brands and products from a variety of distributors.

We offer the deals and products to our customers, passing along the discounts and desireable products to the B2B resellers and eventually end-users.

HK Valor Group Limited continues to expand their Vendor and Customer networks in Hong Kong, increasing sales and profits while developing an established and reputable presence, enabling future company growth.

The offered merchandise is sold to our customers, payment is first received, and the merchandise is then shipped out in a fast and efficient manner, enabling us to continue to offer the hottest products at mutually profitable prices.

HK Valor Group Limited
Room 1318, 13/F, Austin Tower
22-26 Austin Avenue
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Hong Kong